Raw Honey

Our honey is raw (unpasteurized), lightly strained to remove any wax fragments or other matter from the hive during the extraction process.

It has all the natural goodness nature intended, as well as bee pollen, which provides many health benefits, including seasonal allergies.

We take great pride in the quality of our honey.     We have received many complements about the unique taste of our honey; it is very light on the palette with subtle floral overtones.

We strive to keep our bees healthy too, and are always looking for locations where our bees can forage on wild flowers, alfalfa, organic farmland, orchards as well as other tree species.

Our honey is packaged in plastic and glass jars, which is available in 8oz, 1lb and 2lb.  Plastic jugs with handles are available in 3lb, 5lb and 1 gallon.   We sell bulk; by the pail and barrel.

We also have available comb honey, chuck honey, naturally crystalized honey and honey sticks.



...."Tastes better than anything I have had in the past".

...."All the other honeys now taste flat or bitter in comparison.  And, we love knowing that we can trust their production practices".

...."Won't buy anyone else's honey".